Scott is able to fully adapt and customize his presentations to suit your venue, audience size, audience age, and desired message. Topics can be combined to create the perfect fit for your event.  Please feel free to make special requests.

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Scott knows what it takes to be a leader. He’s built, inspired and motivated his teams to achieve world class results. Although his stunt experiences are unique, the wisdom he has gained and is able to convey is timeless and relatable. His leadership messages are about ideals such as protecting your crew, leading from behind, highlighting your team's skill sets, delegation of tasks and successfully managing team members who are not contributing. Scott has toured the world, presenting at top leadership conferences and he is in demand for repeat performances.



Scott has built a wonderful life for himself by pursuing his dreams. He created opportunities for himself when he felt forward progress wasn’t fast enough. Some people look at Scott’s Guinness World Records as unique accomplishments. While Scott is very proud of these achievements, he views himself as an ordinary person who has figured out how to effectively set and accomplish goals effectively!



Sometimes we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and sometimes we are pushed by factors external to us. In order to discover our true capabilities it is critical we move outside of our comfort zone.

Scott knows the benefits of pushing his boundaries all too well. He would not be a Guinness World Record holder today if he had not stepped outside of his comfort zone to attempt a gravity-defying stunt. Instead of being limited by his fear of heights, Scott faced the fear, embraced it, and ultimately overcame it.



Sometimes our worst experiences can end up making us stronger. Scott sees opportunity in adversity and offers strategies to control perspective. We can’t control adversity, but we can control our perspective.



Communication is about much more than the words we use; it's about our body language, tone, and phrasing. There are numerous benefits to learning how to communicate effectively. In his day-to-day life, Scott utilizes these communication techniques to strengthen personal relationships and build instant rapport with complete strangers. Scott uses his background as a speaker, hypnotist, and community leader to impart communication skills to his audiences.



Scott performed his first public magic show at age 12. It was a benefit for a women’s shelter and food bank.  At that show, Scott realized that the most effective way to create positive change in the world is to attach a specific social issue to something that you’re passionate about.

Scott has teamed up with several charities and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) to create and support some amazing campaigns. He encourages change by relating his experiences and those who have inspired him along his path, in order to build better communities.



Scott has gone out of his way to put himself into stressful situations.  He has learned how to keeping himself calm, cool and collected during his stunts.  The methods used are teachable and transferable for everyday situations, even if you’re not jumping out of airplanes or being contained underwater in a metal can.



When you love doing something, it feels as natural as breathing. “Getting Paid to Breathe” is about finding your passion and making it happen. Scott empowers his audience to examine their career development in the context of career satisfaction.


Scott speaks to a wide varieties of audiences. He delivers keynote addresses as well as workshops. Recognizing the importance of education Scott tailors presentations to educational institutions in addition to corporate audiences.

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